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Ubaldo's Parsippany Automotive

Ubaldo's story...

...and the History of Parsippany Automotive

In 1957, Ubaldo Cielo Sr. came to America on the Leonardo DiVinci with his wife and two older children. He was a diesel mechanic in a small town of 9000 people. He began working with his brother, a mechanical engineer who graduated from NCE (now NJIT). They started servicing cars from their small garage. After three years, they had saved enough money to buy a gas station with three bays, in Pine Brook, NJ. With perseverance and determination, their business flourished.

Impressed with their work ethic and dedication, the oil company gave them more and more locations to operate. As business grew, the partners brought in a trusted family friend who was a civil engineer, subsequently leading to further expansion. By the time the first oil "shortage" hit the US Ubaldo Sr. and crew were operating ten locations. As the country was celebrating its bicentennial in 1976, they had 14 locations in the tri-state area.

At that time, they were considered a jobber, buying fuel directly from the refinery, instead of the oil company. Having their own trucks to transport the necessary fuel made them more efficient, eliminating down time waiting for the oil company to deliver. Business prospered for the remainder of the 70's.

In 1980, the second major oil crisis hit the US. At that point, they were operating 14 Shell locations. During the shortage they were only permitted to purchase an allocation; a percentage of what each business bought during the same month of the previous year. The restrictions forced Ubaldo Sr. to move all of the fuel they had to their seven most successful locations. The remaining seven were temporarily closed. The oil company was not pleased but they could not be the main concern. The customers - especially fire, police and rescue vehicles - were the priority. Keeping their tanks full is, after all, what keeps a business alive. The shortage eventually came to an end, and it was business as usual again.

Ubaldo Jr., the current owner of Parsippany Automotive, started in the family business when he was 8 years old and began full time after graduating college with an accounting degree. 1997 was a busy year for Ubaldo Jr., with the passing of his mother and Ubaldo Sr. retiring. His daughter, Bryana, was also born in 1997. That year, he bought Parsippany Shell, which became Morris County Auto Care. In 2002, he bought Greenhill Texaco, which became Greenhill Shell. After selling Greenhill Shell in 2004, he moved to Parsippany Automotive's current location at 141 North Beverwyck in Lake Hiawatha.

Ubaldo Jr. credits much of his accomplishments to Jim Mascia. "If not for the wisdom and vision of my most highly respected friend, colleague and mentor, Jim Mascia, I would not be where I am today," he says.

The future looks very bright at Parsippany Automotive. The staff is young and determined. They are a team and a family with a dedicated leader.


The staff at Parsippany Automotive is grateful every day for every one of our customers that trusts us with the well-being of their families. It is most important to us that you are happy and safe. Thank you for knowing that we are here to take care of you. An extra special thanks goes to the families that have been with us for 30 plus years. This includes but is not limited to the Kazatsky's, the Antonelli's, the Fine's, etc. Many of you still remember Ubaldo's little yellow motorcycle that he so lovingly washed and waxed when he was young. (He still has it!) We look forward to serving our customers long into the future, even when our cars fly!

Ubaldo standing proudly in front of Parsippany Automotive.