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141 N. Beverwyck Rd
Lake Hiawatha, NJ

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Ubaldo's Parsippany Automotive

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Everyone knows Ubaldo, the friendly owner of Parsippany Automotive… but here is another chance to get to know Ubaldo, in his own words:


2014 is a very important year for me. It marks my 40th Anniversary Year in the automotive industry. Over the years the technology has changed vastly, however, one thing has not: my customer base. They were, are, and always will be a wonderful bunch of very nice people. They are the reason that after 40 years I still enjoy my "work."

A very wise man once said that, "If you enjoy your job, you will never work a day in your life."

Whoever said that was a very wise person, for it is true: I have never worked a day in my life. I consider myself very fortunate. It is the continuous daily interaction with my customers that keeps me going, even after 40 years.

Thank you ever so much to my customer base, to all of you out there who have been fiercely loyal, and have stuck by me (and my dad) for almost 60 years. I'll say that again: for almost sixty - count 'em - sixty years! I know myself to be a blessed man, and in return I will do my very best for each and every one of you. I hope to see you in the shop again soon.